Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Snowing Pink Petals....

As I look out of my windows today I see a sea of pink

Petals are falling softly like pink snow & I am enjoying the moment


  1. Hi Joyce! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I can make a fresh batch of chocolate strawberries for you! They were delish!

  2. Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog and yes you are absolutely right where the lighthouse is. I have so many wonderful memories of Hawaii too, it's such a magical place!
    Love your photos of the blossoms. You must be way ahead of us with your Spring!

  3. So pretty. Right now we still have snow and muddy driveways. It must look like a wonderland where you are.

  4. It has been snowing pink petals here to!
    Today is a bit rainy, so I have my wellies on. There go all our pretty pink blooms.

  5. Joyce,
    Thanks for stopping by last night. It was fun watching AI "together". I plan to do the live version next wekk as well. IT was alot of fun.
    Thanks for commenting. It was my roadmap to your great blog! And I love new friends! Thanks!

    Leigh, Tales from Bloggeritaville


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