Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PEZ Candy Museum...

Do you remember what your favorite Pez dispenser looked like?

Just south of San Francisco, close to the SFO airport, is a charming little town called Burlingame. The Pez Museum is located in Burlingame. I remember having so much fun with my Pez dispensers. I loved opening the candy and stacking them into what I called the "tiny elevator". I use to trade the fruity flavors with my brother and friends.
Here are some facts to share about Pez from the museum site:

Austrian candy executive Eduard Haas invented Pez candy in 1927. The original little candy bricks were peppermint. In fact, the word Pez is an abbreviation of the German word for peppermint.(PfeffErminZ) Pez candy was originally sold in small tins. The first Pez dispenser appeared around 1950.

Pez was originally marketed as an adult mint for people trying to quit smoking. The first Pez dispensers, known to collectors as "regulars", did not have character heads. Around 1952, cartoon heads and fruity flavored candy were introduced. Since then, over 500 different heads have been made.

To find out more about Pez and to see your favorite Pez characters from the past go to the Pez Museum site and have fun reminiscing.

I wonder if Elivs had any idea his head would be on a Pez dispenser?

The perfect gift for a Star Wars/Pez collector


  1. As popular as Pez was, I don't ever remember even tasting the candy!


  3. Oh how cool, my nephew used to collect them and he is going to be in San Francisco this week on his honeymoon. (LOL wonder if his wife would mind him going) LOL I'm telling him about it anyway. Thanks for the great post and sweet comments on my blog today too!!!
    Have a wonderful evening!
    ♥ Teresa

  4. I was there in November and did a Blue Monday and a Pink Saturday post about my visit there. Here is the link to the Blue Monday post I did.

    The Pink Saturday post is the Saturday after that Monday. It was strange to see someone else posting about the Pez Museum. It was an interesting place to visit.

  5. Love the Star Trek pez. My SIL gives my kids pez every opportunity to get a gift.

  6. Pez (pezez?)make a great gift. I have been giving them to the kids for 20 years. Now I wish that we have saved some of those early ones.

  7. Well, I am moving about 1 hour and 30 min. from SanFran in a few weeks...I may have to check out the museum.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight...and I loved your funny comment...truly you said...what I REALLY wanted to do...but I was determined to not let anything ruin my "tag" sale!

    Oh and by the way...my son is a chef...educated at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY...so I'm a foodie, too...I just prefer eating it more than cooking it...but I do enjoy a fine well cooked meal...and I love it when he is able to cook for us!

    Again, thanks for stopping by...


  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment!!
    I love Pez and can't wait to show my kids these pictures, they love them too and we celebrate Elvis every year on his birthday..those would be so much fun to have!

  9. I have only one pez container. it's part of my Santa collection.

  10. I just bought a lion Pez dispenser to give to my little Leo when he's older! I know those candies last for years..lol

  11. Are you serious? I had no idea there was a pez museum....Wow!

  12. Thanks for steering me in this direction. I had not idea that PEZ had been around that long.

  13. There! I found your post. I had a free pass for the museum, but I have never been west of Texas. I don't like the taste of Pez, just the dispensers. I once gave out the candy for Halloween. I normally embarrass my children by handing out pencils and stickers (so I won't be tempted by candy), but they thought I had sunk to a new low with handing out Pez packs sans dispensers. Then there was the year my nursing home living granny saved up mini cans of ginger ale, and I gave those out.


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