Monday, December 7, 2009

Georgia's Governors Mansion holiday house...

Governor and Mrs. Sonny Perdue of Atlanta Georgia invite ya'll in for a holiday tour.

Every year I drive past the Georgia Governors Mansion and see this :

I can never understand why my friends tell me to stop and take a holiday tour. The big plastic blow ups on the front lawn are not exactly enticing. Yesterday I decided to swing into the mansion and to see what all the hoopla is about.

Security is strict unlike the fiasco at the White House last week with non-invite social climbing wanna be couple. The tours are FREE, they encourage you to bring a new unwrapped toy for Toys For Tots and you need to show your ID to join in the fun.

Come along and take the tour with me.
No need to dress up.
Stay in your PJ's.
Grab a cup of Hot Cocoa and feast your eyes.
Don't forget to click on the photos to see the details.

I opened the front door and immediately entered a world of fantasy.
Each room has a different tree theme.
The theme is different each year.

This lovely angel greets you as you enter the main hallway under the crystal chandelier by the spiral staircase. Live holiday music was playing softly in an adjoining room. The smell of fresh greenery was delightful.

Let's turn right into the main dining room where the theme is Candy Land.

Wonder if you have to pay taxes on this Candy Land House?

Candy land color balls and lots of candy canes go right up to the ceiling on the tree.

Candles and colorful gum drop trees and red bows on chairs just like the game board.

Nutcrackers standing at attention on top of the mantel to guard the table surrounded by candy gumdrop wreaths. I wanted to lick those wreaths!

Talk about a fun Tablescape!

Let's turn up the lights so we can read the cute little candy cane menu.

Gold chargers and lots of gold rimmed plates with lots and lots of crystal stemware and such pretty silverware to adorn the table fit for the Governor and his guests.
This table folds into a small table and the leaves are held underneath and the table just keeps on expanding. There are many helpful volunteers to answer any questions you may have.

What's a meal without a candy land shoppe sitting on the sideboard to make a meal complete?

I hope you enjoyed the Candy Land tour. I have more photos of rooms to share so please stop by later in the week for part II. Please take time and play candy land with someone you love this holiday season. Better yet donate a game to Toys For Tots in your area. Even the Governor had a Toys For Toys display and tree.
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  1. Does this guy have a sweet tooth?? Seriously, I love it. Makes me want to take a tour of our mansion. I love all the colorful displays....the gingerbread house is to die for! I think it is nice that he has a set up for Toys For Tots, that is a great cause.

    Hope you are staying warm and dry, Joyce ;-)


  2. Well, the gov is way ahead of me! There is not one single decoration out of the box here and I haven't done much shopping either. I do love the holidays... but they require a lot of EFFORT! Wish I had some of those volunteers the governor has to help. Or elves... elves would be nice!

  3. I have to admit I've never been to the Governor's Mansion. How festive everything looks!

  4. Oh that was great! I loved touring with you!
    I am with you, those blow ups on the lawn..ugh..and in the daytime it looks like dead balloons everywhere!
    That was a fun post..I will be back for part 2..
    I am catching up..we had a busy weekend..come see the cookies I made for gsons 2nd bday..You can imprint the name on them..cute for Mr. Vunderpants..:)

  5. Joyce- I am so glad you posted this and linked it to Deck the Halls!! The decorations in the mansion are beautiful. I love that tablescape with the gumdrop trees and the candy buffet! That is incredible that it is free! Thanks again! Thanks again from one of the Susans :)

  6. Joyce~ Thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos. Wish I can visit this place one day.

  7. I loved the 'virtual tour' of the Governor's Mansion. Your photos are wonderfully FESTIVE today!
    Hugs and blessings,
    My Outdoor Wednesday

  8. Everything is lovely, but I'm with you on those balloon decorations. I'm tired of them! Do you think they'll eventually go the way of aluminum trees and then years from now they'll be worth a small fortune? From tacky to treasure, but I sure did love our silver tree when I was a child.

  9. I am SO glad you stopped by for the tour and took us along. WOW! It is gorgeous in there. I loved all the decorations. I would be with you, seeing the blow-ups on the lawn, but my guess is they did it for the children to enjoy. Still... But OH, how the inside delights the big girls! :-)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  10. Thanks for the tour. Boy do I need to get busy. I'm running sooooo far behind this year. I decorated the church yesterday but the Ponderosa needs all decked out. You motivated me to kick it in gear!

    Have a very blessed day!!!

  11. Yikes, I feel like such an under-achiever! :-)

    The mansion is spectacular! thanks for the tour, especially since I didn't have to take off my fuzzy slippers to come along with you. Love the decor -- especially all those TREES.

    Happy Christmas

  12. What wonderful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing all the decorations with us. Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday and a great holiday season.

  13. Wonderful photos and thanks for the tour of the gov's mansion.

  14. How pretty! And I love that little candy shop!

  15. So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  16. The mansion is so colorful and lots of decorating ideas! Thank you for the wonderful tour!

  17. Hi Joyce,
    I loved the tour and I am wearing my Pjs !
    That candy themed room was very cool and whimsy ! I can hardly wait to see more :o)

  18. Thank you for the Tour & visiting my blog...I just love the magic of Christmas :) Cate

  19. My goodness...the COLOR! It's dazzling! Like are right! I had to laugh at the comment Cass made @ That Old House..about feeling like and "under achiever! I would say it took a TEAM to do that beautiful display! It's simply gorgeous!
    Thanks for taking us with you!
    Also...I was overjoyed when I read that my living room tree was the best you had seen all day. Of course it could have been the ONLY one you saw all day! LOL :) Sorry, it just struck me funny! That thought sure popped my swollen head!! (giggle!)
    Hugs and thanks for the compliment!

  20. That is incredible! I've never seen so much candy, and designed into Christmas trees, no less! Remarkable place..your photos are amazing. The chandelier is gorgeous....I'd have to have a maid to clean it! I'm sure you were very pleasantly surprised, and will go back again...would love to visit it myself some day. Thanks for sharing!

    God bless,

  21. What a wonderful tour, thanks for taking us along. I loved the gumdrop trees, going to make a couple of those this w/k. Thank you for stopping in to say hello. Pop in any 'ole time.. hugs ~lynne~

  22. Joyce this brings back so many wonderful memories for me. My mom used to live over there off of Andrews and Pharr Road and every time I used to visit - which was a lot - I'd pass the mansion.

    Never been in it until now. That is some mansion.

    Memories - thanks.

  23. I love the tour, can't wait for more. I live in Lithia Springs, Ga not too far from ATL but have never been to the Gov's mansion. Looking forward to more....

  24. What fun, thanks I needed that lovely break!

  25. Thank you for sharing this.
    Enjoyed the tour at the Mansion.

    God bless you and may you have a Merry Christmas,
    d from homehaven

  26. What a nice tour and thank you for sharing the pictures!!! I love all the candy...I would fit in there very well!


  28. What a gorgeous presentation ... so enjoyed our tour with you. It is such a wonderland to behold.
    Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon
    new blog ~

  29. hi joyce, what a fun time you had!

    you stopped by my blog once in a blue moon and told me about your daughter and the nc, you MUST get her those dishes, she will have them forever and what a little treasure to go with her nutcrackers. mine are signed and dated too when my husband gave them to me, i loved your story, thanks for sharing~

  30. Hey Joyce!
    Thanks for coming by (I'm just on the outskirts of ATL in Canton!). I drive by the Gov's mansion all the time and I am definitely with you, those lawn ornaments are not the most inviting but it was certainly done to the max inside!
    Merry Christmas!

  31. loving what you've done - it must have been sooooo much work !

  32. The last comment was written in jest, right?? Hee-hee! My goodness, what a treat it was to come over here and take the tour with you. It was incredible! Thanks so much for taking the pics and sharing them with us. : )

  33. Hi Joyce, I have NOT shown the Bumble B’eers your delicious looking Candy Land Christmas post as I know what they will request immediately – one of their own; and I know who will end up munching their way through the candy while the kids are at school ;P

  34. Love your tours, Joyce! and a Candyland Christmas, fun post!


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