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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fresh local seafood on Hilton Head Island...

It sure does not get any fresher then shrimp boats pulling up to the docks here on Hilton Head to unload their catch of the day. This is the beginning of shrimp season here in South Carolina. Shrimp season runs here until the water turns cold in the winter.

If you are visiting Hilton Head make a stop at Benny Hudsons Seafood and speak with Tanya (above photo) who will give you the heads up on what fish are running at the present time.
Right now Grouper and Snapper and Cobia are running (outside) off shore toward the golf shore.

Cobia is served grilled or poached. Chefs Jaimie Oliver and Mario Batali once had the "Battle of the Cobia" on Iron Chef America in Januray 2008.

Local bass are running inside the perimeter but I really want to try the Cobia this week.
Anyone have a tired and true Cobia recipe to share with me?

Please remember to buy locally whenever you can to support your local fishermen.

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