Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sandbox Playtime on Hilton Head...

A fun and unique place for families with children is the Sandbox on Hilton Head island, S.C. This is an interactive Museum for toddlers and young children. Admission is $6 pp and children 2 and under are free. Depending upon the time of day, there can be a waiting line. We went as soon as the doors opened and when we left after 1.5 hrs there was already a line out the door. The average time spent at play is about 1 -1.5 hours per child.

There is a full arts and craft room for little ones to create with paints and crayons and sparkles and lots of paste and brushes and crayons and markers.

"Can't seem to get enough of horses this week."

The Toddler area has a slide, and a wide assortment of age appropriate toys and books, in a gated area. There are rocking chairs and benches outside the area for parents to sit and watch.

"Not a fan of this Chef's hat but I do like to play in Flour like my Nanny Joyce!"

There is a full kitchen area for little ones to play store, shop and bake complete with a child size picnic table and umbrella.

"Roger that tower I am clear for take off on runway 27 L for Landon."

A wonderful interactive plane complete with uniforms and voice simulator.

Little Co-pilot checking out the landing gear.

"I am not sure I can land this plane in the Hudson River but I can sure land it in my bath tub!"

Do I spot a ship and a treasure map and a pirates chest full of dress up clothing?

"Let me take complete control of this sailing vessel!"

Ahoy! Searching for land or perhaps "Goldfish" to eat!

It's time for some "Nuggets" and I don't mean gold nuggets but chicken nuggets & a nap for this exhausted Pirate!

If you are visiting Hilton Head Island and have young children I would definitely make a stop into the Sandbox. It is small, well staffed and clean. You are not allowed to eat inside but there is a front porch if you would like to bring your little ones P&B Jelly sandwich with you. It may be a good idea to bring a cold drink for when your little one is finished playing. Taking photos was tricky due to the number of children and parents moving about and having fun. We will definitely return to find the Captains parrot!


  1. Joyce,

    That looks like so much fun!!!

    What a handsome little pirate you have there!

    Becky K.

  2. That is one exhausted looking pirate there!

  3. Oh those photos are precious memories ... and what a good sport he is

  4. Joyce-I have never visited Hilton Head and each year we put on our "to visit" list! The Sandbox looks like a place to keep the little ones well-entertained. I love those exppressions on the little one's face--priceless!---Susan

  5. Great photos, looks like lots of fun. He sure is a "cutie"

  6. Looks amazing!!! Thanks for the tip...also your strawberry cookies from the last post look so so yummy ....great images! Have a lovely week!

  7. What a fun place! My son wants to go and check out that airplane!

  8. What a great place! Could barely reach the steering wheel but driving away, so cute.

  9. Oh Joyce!
    That post is absolutely darling. Your little one is so absolutely precious. I loved the one in the pilot suit. Perfect fit, and think of all the free benefits of having a pilot in the family. I want to thank you for stopping by Country Wings in Phoenix. I am always so thrilled to have a new BLOGGER stop by. I have added my name to your Follower list. I hope you will Pop back over and do the same for me. I would be so honored to follow your post. (The table cloth on the table at the top of your post, I have that exact vintage table cloth). "Country Hugs", Sherry

  10. The sandbox looks almost as much fun as that vacuum! I've seen that look on the pirate's face too... needs a nap :-)

  11. I love your photos...the little guy is adorable!


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