Saturday, January 23, 2010

Missing socks and belly fat ...

Why is it that you can never find the one sock of the pair that is lost?

The lost sock never finds the way back no matter how many times you look in the washer, between the sheets, under the bed and on the closet floor.

Gone forever into the great sock dimension of all time never to return again!

Why is it that belly fat ALWAYS seems to find it's way back?

No matter how many times you try your best to loose belly fat it finds a way back before you even cut the tags off of your new bathing suit.

It seems to have a GPS system using my belly button to track me as the location site.
I guess I better wait to sign up for those belly dancing lessons.
Do you have the same problems?

Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I hate that about socks and belly of those mysteries of to drive us crazy...

  2. Those are 2 of the questions in the universe that have no solution!

  3. Can't help with #2 but maybe with critical issue #1. My girlfriend connects her socks with a safety pin going into the wash/dry process. Somehow nothing gets eaten and she keeps her pairs together AND she always has safety pins on hand whenever needed.

  4. If I only had a dollar for every lost sock.....

  5. Lots of lost socks and no answer for that. The belly fat? Mine won't go away for nuthin! sigh, oh well my cat likes it cause i'm soft!

  6. Definitely!

    We suffer from both of these issues at Hospitality Lane, as well.

    Becky K.

  7. I have the same problem too! I just don't understand!

  8. It's just sad isn't it! Maybe that's why we keep seeing the ads everywhere for getting rid of belly fat - you know, the ones where the normal size girl shrinks down to next to nothing! It always comes back!

  9. The washer eats the socks.....and the belly fat goes to the belly and that's why they call it belly I really don't know the answers, I do not look for those socks anymore, if they show up fine and if they don't, that's fine too. And, you may not know it, but there was a time chunky women like me with belly fat were considered beautiful women.

    It is what it is!!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday..

  10. Man, ya'll throw out a lot for an old farm chick to ponder over! I've got to agree with justjoycee. The washer grow into on big old ravenous sock eatin' monster and swallows then stinkin' sock!

    The belly fat thing? Well, all I've got to say is that fat cells must have a memory better tan this chicks. Heeeheehe!

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  11. So funny about the socks. and just when I throw out that one leftover sock, the other one turns up. What's with that?

  12. Here's a suggestion about those socks... if you buy all the same kind of socks, you can manage to match up a pair after their mates disappear. A friend married a guy who'd lived alone for several years; he would buy a dozen pairs of navy socks at a time. I thought that was pretty smart thinking, especially for a GUY! However, I have no solution for the belly fat issue. I do have plenty of it though, in case your other readers can solve our problem!

  13. I read a few months back, on someone else's blog, about all the success she had using the "Flat Belly Diet" book. And she said it was SO EASY. So I ordered one on Amazon and am just now starting to read it. I'll have to keep you posted.

  14. I need that "Flat Belly Diet" book M.L. wrote abouy! I walk miles every day but my jelly belly won't go away :-(

  15. Oh, yes! I have both problems. My daughter received 2 packs of new socks for Christmas and now claims that she can't find a mate for 90% of them!

    The belly fat GPS has me listed as "home". I'm working on it now by low carbing. I only wish that my belly was the only area that I wish would disappear. UGH..


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