Friday, May 29, 2009

Down by the beautiful sea...

The sun finally came out here on Hilton Head, S.C. so we headed out to the beach for some beach fun.




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To quench our thirst on the hot beach we drank a southern favorite "Sweet Tea" with lots of ice and a piece of mint. I hope you enjoy the recipe too.

Sweet Tea


1 part water
1 part sugar
unsweetened tea
peaches, strawberries, or raspberries (to add flavor)


Dissolve equal parts sugar with water by boiling the mixture, until it coats your spoon.

To make a flavored simple syrup, cook peaches, strawberries or raspberries with simple syrup. Strain into a pitcher, and add desired amount to your tea, or you can freeze flavored simple syrup in an ice cube tray. Add desired amount of ice cubes to your tea. (This prevents your ice tea from being watered down.)


  1. Hi Joyce,

    What type of tea are you using?

  2. Congratulations on the sunshine and I hope you have more! I love your pictures, especially the bicycle - so Hilton Head.

  3. Glad the sun is out by you!! Being at the beach with no sun gets old pretty quick! Love the pictures, enjoy the rest of your stay!

  4. Joyce~that bike shot is simply the best! I just love the shore. Now I want to build a sand castle!

  5. Joyce, these are so good .. and I am really liking the mosiacs!

  6. I love sweet tea and these collages are so great. I was trying to see which umbrella you were under, but I couldn't quite make it out. hmm, I do see a pink bikini....

  7. Nice that the sun came out. Not up here yet in the North East. And I'm sitting here writing this wearing a winter! So no ice tea for me (yet).

  8. Love the relaxing atmosphere!...Christine

  9. Love your of the beach are great! Looked around at your recent posts. Such fun that you met Sue..are you originally from my area..I forget..
    I know I have been to your blog before, I remember the name!
    Hilton Head looks beautiful. A lady I taught with retired there...

  10. Those are amazing photos! Really makes me want to be there!

  11. This sounds great. I would put a fresh leaf of mint in there too! I see we come from the same Italian upbringing and food is life to us. Now we are both on diets trying to regulate. Glad you liked the biggest loser idea. Don't forget to click the "follow" button to stay in touch and get update frequently. I have clicked on yours. I love your blog and would love to keep visiting often!

  12. Love the beach, water, and your pictures; but do not like Sweet Tea. I think it is more a southern states thing.

  13. Great beach pictures!!! I am jealous.
    Thanks for the recipe for sweet tea.

  14. Great pictures! Amazing actually!
    I am a follower now! Hope to see you soon too!

  15. Joyce, these are some wonderful beach shots! That sand castle one is amazing. They all make me want to grab a towel and my sun hat and head over to the beach! Great photos all!


    Sheila :-)

  16. Being a northerner I always wondered what the recipe was for "sweet tea" that I hear so many talk about. Thanks for the recipe:>)

  17. It looks like heaven! Great pictures!
    Enjoy that sun.

  18. Beautiful Photos! Love the bike on the beach!

    Thanks for finding my blog today!

    I want to try your sweet tea recipe!

  19. I just LOVE your collages and photos! Fabulous :) Thanks for stopping by.


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