Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting ready for Memorial Day...

In a stirring tribute to mark Memorial Day each year, all available soldiers of the elite 3rd U.S. Infantry (known as The Old Guard) gather at Arlington National Cemetery to perform a special task. Just before the Memorial Day weekend, they place American flags, one foot and centered, in front of the gravestones and columbarium niches of every service member buried or inurned at Arlington Cemetery.

This tradition of honor, known as Flags-in, has taken place ever since 1948 when The Old Guard was appointed as the ceremonial unit for the U.S. Army. During the Memorial Day weekend, members of The Old Guard patrol the cemetery to make sure each gravesite remains decorated and honored with a flag. In addition, sentinels for the Tomb of the Unknowns place flags at each of the unknown servicemen graves.

The flags are removed after the three-day Memorial Day weekend.

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  1. Hi Joyce :)

    I didn't know that! I knew they gave them each a flag but not how or why. Thank you for sharing this.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend :)

  2. As you state, it is a striking tribute.

  3. Its a most touching and important tribute

  4. I learn so much by reading blogs. And you've taught me more today. Thanks for sharing. I shall give thanks for these brave soldiers on Memorial Day.

  5. I wish we still wore poppies.

  6. Joyce girl!!!! You can cook!!!! Thanks for "following" my blog, your a doll and you are now my COOKING connection. I love to bake but would rather do a hundred other things then take time out to cook. Now that I've found you I'll be checking for some great recipes....I'm loving the blogging world, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Have a very patriotic and wonderful weekend...

  7. Wonderful information~~Love it! We can not do enough to express our gratitude and pride in our brave servicemen and women.
    We just a new flag and it is waving proudly!!
    Thanks so much for this inspiring info~~

  8. What a great photo!!! Thank you so much for posting this... we all need to be reminded what this wonderful holiday signifies.

  9. Great post. Happy Memorial Day.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend. It's rainy here in the sunshine state. Sigh! I've had a busy week though, so I'll use the weekend to catch up on my rest and my blog reading.


  10. Joyce,that picture is overwhelming. It makes me say thank you. Thanks for sharing and for remembering the fallen. Happy Memorial Day.

  11. Wow Joyce

    Thank you for this post. It really makes me want to say "Thank you to those who serve our country!" Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  12. It's so amazing that they take the time to honor thousands of men and women by placing flags on their graves. Thanks for sharing.

    Justine :o )

  13. We used to do this as kids (Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops) at the Veterans Cemetery in LA. I wonder if they still do that! thanks for sharing!


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