Monday, September 21, 2009

It's a rainy night in Georgia...


  1. Oh, Joyce, we have been hearing the news about the torrential rains down in Atlanta and the surrounding states and I am saying a lot of prayers. I hope it lets up soon. What an incredible picture you have here.


  2. Hi Joyce, We just about needed a boat to get the mailbox today! The rain is bad but the lightning is just terrible. Stay safe.

  3. I know now is the raining season, same here in Singapore~~thunder storm yesterday.

  4. Tell me about it! We're in western NC and it is still raining. Beginning to wonder if it will ever stop! We rode up to the top of the mountain this evening to snap photos of the river and waterfalls. The amount of water gushing thru there is unreal.

  5. Well, it has been an interesting couple of years for you in Georgia...first you couldn't get rain for anything and now you are just about drowned. Please take care.

    Becky K.

  6. Hi Joyce,
    If you could send a little of that rain our way it would be wonderful. We are in the middle of a drought. Isn't it strange how different the weather is across this huge country of ours.
    You are a kind soul to do all that baking for our troops. I may follow your lead and take that on myself - we are big bakers here at this house ( if you like, come back and check out the baking center in my kitchen!) And - I recognize lebkuchen from Germany in your "about me" picture - I grew up in Germany and my mom was German, so those were a huge treat for me to see! I remember wearing one around my neck during the Christmas festivals.
    I'm so glad we found each other's sites!!
    Stop by again, I'll be back soon.

  7. Oh dear, it looks VERY rainy!!
    We cannot complain here in Belgium. This Summer and Fall have been wonderful.
    Maybe I should not have said that eh?

  8. Oh my, you've got it too. We are flooding here in the Ozarks. Saturday blessed us and surrounding towns with 12-8ins. Saturday and another 2in. on Sunday and I just poured 1.5ins out of the rain guage this morning. Needless to say were a little boggy here, I feel for you.
    Maybe we should of planted rice instead of wheat in our wheat field. Huh?

    Hope ya'll dry out and you have a terrifically blessed day!!!

  9. Oh daughter lives in Atlanta...and wrote they are having a terrible time. She said the streets were closed. I haven't heard from her...I can't get her on the phone..
    I do know they were all headed over to my grandson and his wife's home as water was coming into their home and they were all going to try and divert it.
    I have having them 3000 miles away!
    Thank you for your visit...I hope everything will be alright where you are.
    California is HOT and DRY and we need rain. Since the fires...everyone is worried there will be trouble when the rains do come. Typical of California. :)

  10. Heard on the news that Atlanta hasnt been hit this hard since Sherman

  11. Hey, I was JUST singing that song out loud during the news last night. My daughter said, "Huh?" : ) I hope it's not too bad where you are.
    And thank you for your kind comment about my mom the other day. Things have been better since. : )

  12. I do hope your safe there. I've heard and seen on the news how bad the flooding is. Please stay safe.

  13. I thought of your when I saw the news about the floods.
    Hope you are high and dry! Don't get your flour wet!!

  14. Joyce, please stay safe. I've been hearing about floods in Georgia. laurie

  15. I love the quilt picture joyce. Seems like they are just waiting to give lots of hugs or welcoming you with open arms :)


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