Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let's window shop for Tablescape Thursday...

Usually I am dishing up some food dishes but today I am dishing up some "china". I have only contributed once to TT hosted by Susan at between naps on the porch. I only own one set of China. I am so much better at cooking and baking then at making my table a work of art. I do however read all the TT posts every week and I have gained a wealth of knowledge from all these unique posts. Everyone is so creative. Susan, it goes without saying that your TT has brought so many lovely ladies and gentlemen together throughout the world who share your passion for beautiful place settings in the home. Thank you Susan.

While I was visiting Dupre's Antique store in Marietta, Georgia I thought I would share some of the beautiful plates and accessories for you all to view. I know that many times I read that someone is looking for a specific plate or cup to complete a set or to replace a piece of their china. Hopefully you will find it here while window shopping.

Please click on photos for more detail.

Blue and whites are always a classic and seems to be a popular TT theme.

Vintage English bone china dessert plates with colorful flowers to compliment a white place setting are always a lovely accent to a traditional tablescape.

Coaching Days by Royal Doulton.
I actually photographed the price list for this set. Pretty hefty price of $1,200 for the set
or you can buy the pieces separately.
I do remember that someone did own a set of these beauties.

Pretty red and white patterns and cups and saucers.

Pink depression glass plates and serving pieces to add to one's collection.

Colorful and ever popular Fiestaware in many hard to find discontinued colors.

Lots of pretty green dishes and glassware.

Some pretty cups and saucers to complete your tea service.

Cups and saucers came in every color with many themes and from many countries. See the lovely cup and saucer from Canada?

I hope that you all had fun window shopping with me today!


  1. I did enjoy window shopping! I love the red and white dishes. Thanks for visiting my blog today, come back anytime.

  2. I had a wonderful time window shopping. I loved all the pink depression glass. I have several pieces of it and need to start collecting again. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the shopping trip.

  3. I'll take them all, how much? LOL! I love seeing all the beautiful plates. Thanks for sharing...Christine

  4. Ooh I loved the window shopping :) My fav has got to be Coaching Days... I've never seen it before, but wouldn't that be a beautiful set to collect, and it would be used every year at such a special time.

  5. WOW!! I almost got electricuted from drooling all over my laptop!! I love them all. Thanks for a great post :o)

  6. Joyce this is an awesome looking post!

    ~WOW! I just adore all of the gorgeous plates hanging up like this. I've really been inspired to try this look somewhere in our home lately. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me more.

    I'm glad you came by and that your like the FC cookbooks as well. I can't wait to try something else in it very soon.

    Have a blessed Holiday weeklend my friend,
    ~Warmly, ~Melissa ;)

  7. I think I now have a reason to come to Georgia. I mean Marietta!! Great post!!


  8. Hi Joyce!
    Thank you for the shopping trip. I have wanted to visit Marietta for so long...I hear there are some wonderful shops there. Long ago, my family roots were planted there...even before Sherman marched through.

    Thanks for stopping by...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  9. Hello Joyce...

    Ohhh yes...I do love to go dish shopping! Hehe! What fun...I loved seeing all of the beautiful glassware collections...especially the red and white transferware! I seen several pretty plates on that wall that I would love to add to my collection!!! Thanks for taking us with you much fun!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  10. I loved the dishes. Yet I remember when my kids were young. We had the original "Melmack."

  11. I could look at dishes all day long. These are all so pretty! Thanks for sharing your trip from nearby!

  12. I just love window shopping and dreaming of more china...especially blue and white sets. They look so good even when you mix and match them !

  13. What fun! I love to window shop. And especially if I can sit here and watch from afar! Beautiful collections of dishes!

  14. Well you certainly picked some pretty ones to show us today!

  15. where is this joint?? Off the square?

  16. How wonderful!!! I think I am in love...I wish I lived in Georgia;)!!!


  17. That is some place. Everything you could possibly look for is there. I love the blue, the red and the pink depression glass.

  18. I wouldn't even know where to begin in a shop like that!! Love the blue and white, but the pink and white also grabbed my attention. Great pictures!!!

  19. These are really very beautiful tea. Good Shot!

  20. Thanks for posting this different take on TT. It was a pleasure to view the different types of dishes! That Coach set sure is different ...and pricey!


  21. Oh, be still my heart! You have really got the blood pumping. Interesting that just today I posted about dishes too. Great Minds!
    Have a fun weekend~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  22. Wow, I want to go shopping with you...Love the pictures!!!!

  23. What a cool shop ... someday when we finally empty the FL condo (assuming its ever sold) I will keep mom's bone china and I am sure I will need replacement pieces, I will be emailing asking where that place was ... and I am aching to own Fiestaware but someone thinks we dont need another set of dishes ... :=(

  24. That red transferware is heaven for me. Love it! Can't imagine having to dust all that.
    Have fun getting ready for fall!

  25. All pretty but I really love the English Vintage! and I'm with you, I love all the dishes but I can't set a table, I can cook :) Great post! Love the first pic in the cabinet!

  26. Holy Dishes Joyce!!! If I had to choose one set, I don't know if I could do it. I like them all.

  27. Oh my goodness! It's a good thing I don't live close to this store! I could spend days (and money I don't have) in that store! Thanks for sharing all of these pretties. laurie

  28. Oh, I would be in that shop alllll day! Love all those beautiful vintage dishes!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  29. Wow that was really awesome; you know , in showing all of that, you were creating a temptation for all of the tablescape fans!

    Ps. My tablescape is at my cottage blog at

  30. I loved it.
    Thank you!

  31. All of them are fabulous! How I wish I can have them and include it with my collections of glassware. My aunt surely will be happy when she see this. Gonna save this to show her.

    Glass Coaster


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