Saturday, September 12, 2009

The right to bear gun of choice...

The right to bear arms, well in my case my gun of choice is my cookie gun. Honestly, did you think that someone who plays with Flour as much as I do would actually pack a real gun in my purse?

Over the years I have had numerous cookie guns. My Mom and Aunts packed the Mirro cookie gun and they toted their guns from town to town making holiday cookies over the years. Unfortunately, I no longer have my Mom's gun as it just wore out from constant firing.

I have owned newer cookie guns by Mirro, Wilton, and William Sonoma. I have experienced some major and minor difficulties with all. The William Sonoma gun would always end up with cookie dough between the metal tube and the outside plastic tube. There was no way to clean it. Several friends have experienced the same issue. WS allowed a refund so that was a good thing. The barrel of the newer Wilton was just not wide enough. I have not tried the Martha Stewart cookie gun but wonder if she has made improvements with her gun since she spent time in the Slammer. Martha probably learned a few things about guns from some expert gun slinging mamas while on her little trip to the Big Kitchen.

Last year while watching QVC (come on we all admit that we tune in from time to time and order some must have items) they kept talking about the new Prepology cookie gun that they were unveiling later in the day. I quickly sat myself down with a large ice tea in hand and my phone in the other hand anticipating the "gun of cookie guns". When I looked into those dual barrels on my big screen TV it was love at first sight. When the gun arrived, I received not one but two large gun metal gray baking sheets as a bonus. The gun came fully loaded with ammunition in the shape of trees and hearts and a variety of shinny tips. I was now officially armed and ready for a shoot out with my new Prepology cookie gun. Charleston Heston would have been so proud of me.

I have been known to tote my gun around these here parts of Atlanta and have also carried it onto a plane. I had to do a whole lot of explaining at Homleand Security check points. I have to say that I love my gun and keep it within close reach just in case some stranger comes knocking at my door looking to steal from my cookie jar! As Clint Eastwood would say to Cookie Monster "Go ahead and make my day"!


  1. I never even knew that there was such a thing as a cookie gun. Does that mean you don't have to drop by rounded teaspoonful?

  2. Grinning from ear to ear and looking forward to seeing the 'bullets' as they emerge ..

  3. Hi Joyce, my Mum gave me an Italian biscuit (as Aussies call them) gun a few years ago but I have never been quite sure what to do with it. All the biscuit recipes I have are either the ball and squash or the roll and cut type; alas no gun recipes grace my cookbooks. If you have a good gun-novice recipe I would be most grateful if you would post about it and I’ll dust off the Old Italian Job and start packing some heat. (Oh typing this way is all empowering isn’t it!) Have a great weekend chickee.

  4. LOL, you are armed and dangerous! Very cute post, Joyce!

  5. Congratulations Joyce!!!! You won my Gooseberry Cookbook Giveaway. Email me at: with your complete address and I will get it off to you.

    I do hope you enjoy it!!

    Barb :-)

  6. this is so funny! I, too, have owned several different cookies presses. last fall, while watching QVC, I ordered a press, too!!! honestly, you can really build up your biceps making cookies!

  7. I can see the headlines now....Flour Power high-jacks plane to Betty Crocker Isle.

    Mom had a cookie press gun for years and finally after 35 years of hard use died. I may check into this for her. She is a cookie baken 80 year old that would probably help you high-jack that plane.

    You and your bare arms have a blessed weekend!!!

  8. Really? I have had my share of shooters too!

    I went through 2 Wilton's, the little thing on top broke, and the plastic tube too...
    I have a Dansk, and the old Ateco alum..

    So I have to get yours..

    Throw down at the Cookie Corral come Dec???

    You host, I'll is ok for gun slingers to use sprinkles...?? :)

  9. Ha ha Joycie, that is pretty darn good. I imagine that you are pretty dangerous when armed with that gun. Dangerously sweet. So you like the "Prepology"? Faster than a speeding bullet and all that stuff? I must look into this. Will it turn me into a better baker? I need to turn on QVC more often.

  10. I must admit that I'm a drop-by-spoonful kind of cookie maker. I don't even own a gun. Tell us the best one to buy and teach us how to use the weapon!

  11. Now i can't wait to see the cookies and share your recipes. I have the Pampered Chef version and problems with their recipe sticking to the disks. (I also have the WS gun but I haven't tried it yet. Hmmm. I hope mine works ok, I received it as a gift last Christmas.) I tried a Betty Crocker recipe that seemed okay last year. I tried to keep the dough chilled between batches. ~ Robyn

  12. I have had trouble finding a good gun.Wilton's sucked....didn't like MArtha's....tried the expensive W.S....that was really bad....the cookies were like giant I need to check this one out....gotta have a cookie gun for the holidays....

  13. You are too cute Joyce :-)

    I had the same cookie gun for almost 30 years until it gave up last year. I bought another Wilton gun ...I'll have to start working out so I can press out the dough come Christmas time


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