Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday...It's been a summer of dreams...

Summer of 2009 has been a summer of dreams.

Dreaming of home runs.

Dreaming of giant peaches to bake in a pie.

Dreaming of finding the perfect spot on the beach.

Dreaming of quiet walks to the docks to sit and reflect.

Dreaming of the perfect catch.

Dreaming of sailing out of the harbor to far away places.

Dreaming about beautiful sunsets.

No matter what your dreams are I hope that your dreams become a reality.
I want to thank Robin for hosting this fun Summer Stock Sunday and all who have participated and made my Sunday so much fun with your amazing photos from your area of the world.

I am off to dream about next summers Summer Stock Sunday.


  1. I all love the pictures, especially the giant peaches...good shot!

  2. Didn't it fly by? It is cool and rainy this morning....very definite fall feeling!

  3. Poetic - love your peaches and your umbrellas especially.

  4. Yes! You're so right! Many of those were our dreams, too. Thank you for a great remembrance of Summer 2009.

  5. Perfect end to a perfectly lovely summer -- well most of it was perfect

  6. Wonderful post for our last SSS, Joyce! Let's keep in touch for the winter... :)

  7. What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL post! Loved this and I also loved reading previous posts.

  8. Beautiful images of beautiful dreams. Thank you for joining us this summer Joyce. Don't be a stranger in the cold winter months either, we'll need these dreams to sustain us until summer returns again.

  9. I feel just the same, Joyce - I'm so glad Robin had this wonderful idea, and I've really enjoyed seeing all the different summers all over the world. It's been amazing.

    I love your dreams wrap up. Wonderful collection of shots.

  10. It was a perfect summer day here today! But did I walk down to the beach??? NOO, I had to go to home unfavoritest store! :)
    But got DH to stop so I could run into HG....
    I had a credit that was burning a hole in my pocket!!!
    Your pics are beautiful, and your dreams were better than my reality!

  11. You covered all that is good about summer, the last shot is gorgeous!

  12. The dreams of summer beautifully captured, girl. I am hangin' on to every last drop of the season I can. I will push the dreaded winter back with all my might and then I will be dreaming of summer days once again. Ya'll have a great one....I'm gonna!!!

  13. Beautiful compositions!


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