Saturday, March 13, 2010

Philladelphia Flower Show...Passports to the World...

Where can one go in March and be assured that the temperature will be a constant 60 degrees? To the International Flower Show at Philadelphia. Each year thousands of people attend this amazing event. A staff of 600 people are required to produce this incredible show.

Let's begin with a trip to an Indian wedding scene where culture, tradition and custom all come together for an unforgettable day for the the bride and groom and their families.

Lots and lots of Roses.

A life size elephant with the most amazing eyebrows.

The blanket is made from tiny flowers.

Water lilies and a flowery walk set the mood for the perfect wedding.

The feast has been prepared for the happy couple

*Earlier main wedding function use to take place on a mandap, which is normally decorated with flowers. Flowers have always been a part of Indian wedding decorations. So there is an extensive use of flowers of different kinds like roses, jasmine, and many more. Decorative tents or "shamianas" are often rented for Indian weddings celebrations. The full wedding place is decorated with elaborate carpets to line the tent. Gold and red are the colors associated with Indian wedding decoration so most of the Decor is of these two colors. The tents are lighted with Indian inspired lanterns and candles. Exotic incense stick is burn in the room to create a refreshing and pure atmosphere.

* To read more information go to HERE.


  1. Joyce this is so amazing! Thank-u for sharing..Hope you have a blessed weekend:)

  2. WoW! 'Just makes a flower lovin' sister want to be Indian and get married all over again! (same fella of course!) This is just breathtaking. Thanks so much for bringing this to my otherwise very cloudy, rainy morning. Ahhhh, 'nothin' like a ray of sunshine flowers bring.

    God bless and have a super Saturday!!!

  3. Joyce,

    I've been waiting for this post! I love it and hope you'll show us much more from the Flower Show. At this very moment Bandit is trying to get me take her outside so I have to run...

    Becky K.

  4. Oh the Philadelphia Flower Show... An old blogging friend goes every year. Her son has something to do with putting it on.

    It must be lovely.

    Gentle hugs for the weekend...

  5. Hey Joyce! I could throw a rock from my house and hit the flower show, that's how close I am. If you know of any bloggers that live in the area, send them over to my blog to read about the get-together we are having in Lancaster next month. We are trying to get lots of bloggers to come!

  6. Wow, the things that can be done with a little imagination ! Thanks for sharing !

  7. Oh my gosh - I take it you that this past week when you were out of town - you were there.

    Totally awesome. I'm jealous!

    Glad you are home. And I'll be seeing you in a couple of weeks.


  8. Every year I say I am going to go but work just keeps getting in the way! Thanks for sharing your trip there with those of us who can't go!!

  9. Oh,my gosh, that is beautiful ! I have always wanted to attend an Indian Wedding because I have heard how lavish and colorful they are...thank you !

  10. I love all those flowers!! So beautiful! Seems like you had a great trip.

  11. What a beautiful event. Thanks for sharing all your pictures. Love & blessings from NC!

  12. Hi Lady.....what state are you in??...the flower show looked beautiful...You'll be posting other pictures??....loved the hotel in NY....such a deal...we need to stay there next time we go into the city...loved the Sub Zero...e-mail me!!

  13. Wow! You can almost smell the fragrances while looking at the flowers. Beautiful!!

  14. So beautiful! This show is miles ahead of the local one. Kind of reminds me of the Rose Parade but standing still. Glad you're back to blogging; I bet you've had a fun trip!

  15. Beautiful you know my friend Deb Kelley? One of her kids (cant remember if it was a daughter or son)got married in India ..


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