Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Philly Flower Show Part IV...Cruise...

You're invited to sail with me on the SS Johnny Depp.

Don't you just think he is the cutest pirate ever?

No packing required but don't forget to bring your sea legs/wooden leg
your favorite talking parrot.

Come Aboard with your passport.

Lot's of colorful flowers to welcome us.

Champagne for everyone!
Johnny prefers Captain Jack Rum.
It all makes walking the plank that more interesting.

Can you tell where we are headed?


Now that would be too fast a trip considering Johnny's on board.

For fun with Johnny a girl wants to take a slow boat to


Please come back tomorrow as the Philly Flower Passport to the World tour continues.
I know that this post is cheesy but when you are babysitting a toddler this is the best you can handle some days when you are multi-tasking!


  1. This was really a fabulous show. I like that ship with the flower lined gangplank and the tropical flowers. Made that bread again yesterday!

  2. I have to admit I never knew this flower show was that big. This has been an amazing tour.


  3. Thanks for the tour, I'll be back tomorrow!

  4. Thanks for the tour, loved the China arrangement. You definitely cought my attention when you mentioned Johnny Depp, oh my!

  5. I am so enjoyin' this, girl! This is all so very beautiful and interesting. I'll walk the plank with Johnny any day of the week!

    You have a beautifully blessed day, sweetie!

  6. Just beautiful. I have never been to a flower show but I just know I'd be ooing and ahhing the whole time.


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