Sunday, March 21, 2010

Philly Flower Show Part III...Holland and Tulips...

Grab your passport and let's travel over the bridge to Holland.
(click on photos to see detail)

Park your bike and let us walk around the town.

Don't you just love this bicycle basket filled with tulips?

Let's walk around tulpenmanie.

A gorgeous window full of sunny yellow tulips.

What is your favorite type of tulip?

My favorite is a pink parrot tulip.

Please come back and join me as we journey to another country later this week.


  1. I'll be back and ready to go...passport in hand. Love the tulips!

  2. Holland cannot be Holland without tulips and bikes!

  3. I love tulips! My absolute favorite! Started off the first day of spring by getting a nice bouquet for myself! Love this trip to Amsterdam, looking forward to the next country!

  4. Joyce, I love just about any tulips. Your photos remind me of the ones my daughter took when she visited the tulip farms in Holland... I think I might dig those out for a spring post soon!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I do love the bicycle! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I'm quite smitten with the deep purple tulips! Thanks for all the beautiful tulips to tip toe through!

    God bless and have a Super Sunday sweetie!!!

  7. These photos are lovely and couldn't come at a better time! So ready to see flowers!!!

  8. tulips are so your photos..

  9. Oh! Thank You for the happy spring flowers!
    I had a nice visit!
    Come on springtime!!!!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  10. I love tulips. We go to Holland, Michigan and buy bulbs to bring home. These are wonderful photos.

    Thanks for visiting me and the prayers for my mom. It really helps. The sandwich generation is difficult. I'm heading to see my mom tomorrow. We are still waiting for information, but we can at least be together while we wait.


  11. Hi Joyce!

    I recently came back from a trip to Colorado to visit my grandson and have been hopping like a spring bunny trying to catch up!

    Lovely flower show!I love tall red tulips.

  12. Beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing. Lovely show. Love & blessings from NC!

  13. Looks like a lovely show. Beautiful pictures, beautiful flowers!
    We love your opening blog header photo also - very beautiful patio.
    Darryl and Ruth : )

  14. Oh Joyce, thank you SO much for posting these beautiful shots. I wanted to attend our 2 different garden shows but DH wasn't up to walking that much (post ♥ attack) so I stayed home. I hated to leave him alone. NEXT year for sure!
    I'm going back to enlarge each of your photos so I can inhale & pretend to smell the flowers.


  15. Holland... lovely holland. I do enjoy living right here in the Netherlands. Windmills, tulips, bikes and our national color Orange! Your post is so lovely today. I'm home..... Have a wonderful day, enjoy the season!

  16. Holland flowers are my favs ...

  17. So very pretty! I love that last photo!


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