Friday, March 19, 2010

Philly Flower Show Part II...Africa...

Let's continue our tour of the Philly Flower show Passport to the World.

Let's visit AFRICA.
(click on each photo to enlarge to see the flower detail)

Beautiful orchids to adorn a giant giraffe.

You can see the size of
this giraffe compared to the size of the spectators in the convention hall.

Local villagers adorned with colorful flowers.

This guy must be the chief or the local medicine man.
He reminds me of my dentist.

Hold onto your passport as we travel to another county this week to view more flowers.


  1. Looks like you went around the world - all in one city! Beautiful flowers. Can't wait until next week!


  2. Beautiful pictures! I am expecting a Garden Show here.

  3. Great pictures!! What a fun show that must have been. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. This must be quite a show. The last garden show I went to was a little disappointing. Not one thing made me or my sister go WOW.
    I am sure there would have been some big WOWS at this one.

  5. These are great! If you like to play the photo memes link this up to my Color Carnival, a new post just went up this evening. Here's the link if you're interested ...

    Have a great weekend :-)

  6. The Phillie flower show is awesome! Our school just had an International Festival which I just posted about. Always nice to see the sights and colors and culture of other countries. Have a great weekend! :) Tammy

  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures. (And I really like your header picture.) Plant and Garden Blog

  8. Oh wow, I wish they did something like that near where I live. Amazing! I know my husband would love it as well.

  9. WoW, how very exciting for ya'll. I love a great flower show, it feeds my soul and my flower addiction. Thanks for takin' us around the world with ya! Amazing!!!

    God bless and enjoy your weekend, sweetie!!!!

  10. Is your dentist as bad as Doogie Howser your doctor.....the flower show does look's no wonder you go up for it every year....

  11. What a lovely event, lots of photo opportunities!

  12. The giraffe is huge!
    So amazing.

    Becky K.

  13. I cheated and started at the end and worked my way up!
    The flowers are so pretty, esp that window full of yellow tulips.
    And I am still loving the Irish Mickey hat..
    Another trip to a cooking school coming up? Hope it is better than the last!


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